VINE TRAIL by the Numbers: 2020 Uses



While there were closures of public parks and health clubs, and limitations on contact sports in 2020, the VINE TRAIL saw a tremendous spike in uses. For the first time the VINE TRAIL exceeded 500,000 annual uses as people were seeking opportunities for outdoor activities and exercise.

We’d like to congratulate Jone Yan (pictured right) who won our December contest. By choosing his daughter’s birthday, he had the closest guess for when we would reach our 500,000th annual uses mark -- which we hit on December 9th around 11:30am. Way to go, Jone!

The Vine Trail has become an important resource for the Napa community! 

If you are one of the 522,933 that enjoyed riding, walking or running the VINE TRAIL to fill the void of your suspended monthly gym membership last year, consider becoming a Vine Trail 47-Mile Club Member for just $47/year or take it up a notch and become a Century Club Member for $147/year. Membership donations are charitable contributions and come with additional benefits including discounts with our business partners.