A full calendar of Vine Trail meetings and events can be viewed here.


Arts Culture & Education (ACE) Committee

On hiatus. Rail Arts District (RAD) Napa meets the second Thursday of every month at 1pm.

Audit Committee

Meets as needed Teleconference
Chair: Karen Smith

Donor & Landowner Relations

Meets last Wednesday of every month at noon.
Chair: Chuck McMinn

Engineering/Route Committee

Meets first Monday every month (except for August) at 9am.
Chair: Philip Sales

Executive Governance Committee

Meets quarterly
Chair: Joseph Keebler

Finance & Investment Committee

Meets quarterly
Chair: Laura Stark

Marketing Committee

Meets first Tuesday every month at 4:00 pm
Chair: Caleb Cavazos

Programs Committee

Meets first Wednesday every month at 4:00 pm
Chair: RosaLee Kamper