Supporting those that support the VINE TRAIL


by Maureen Gaffney

At the risk of being cliché, making a 47-mile trail for walkers, joggers, bikers, strollers—for humans—come to fruition really does take a village. The symbiosis between service-oriented businesses and an amenity like the VINE TRAIL is a natural one. The more miles of trail that are built, the more people will come. The more people come, the more services from bike shops to sandwich purveyors will be needed. More trail = more business. And when those businesses support the completion of the VINE TRAIL, more business = more trail. A positive feedback loop of loveliness.

The following is a narrative trot through the Valley on the VINE TRAIL to visit only our newest membership partners—we have many more here that we’ll highlight in an upcoming post!

So, you’ve got sporty friends coming into town and that’s great but your house is too small. Or maybe they are family and your house is huge, but they are family and you love them but you’ll also want to shoot them out of a cannon after 11.5 hours in close proximity so you’ve learned—at last—that it’s really better for everyone if they stay at not-your-house. Good news! If you’re a VINE TRAIL member, Wine Country Inn and Cottages in St. Helena gets you a 15% discount.

Now, back to those sporty friends or family. They’re coming, they’re keen on this VINE TRAIL thing and you really don’t want to be shown up on your home turf. Unstoppable Fitness in Napa gives a 20% discount to VINE TRAIL members, so flash that handsome card and prepare to impress your guests with your running/walking/cycling chops!

But hey, you’re one smart cookie so you know that if you’re hitting the gym and planning a VINE TRAIL throw down, you also need to stay limber. StretchLab Napa’s got your back! And your hamstrings/shoulders/calves! Show them you’re a member and stretch your dollar as well as your sore muscles with a 5% off membership sign-ups and 10% off retail products.

Okay, so you’re toned up, you’re stretched out, and you’ve booked your guests a safe distance away. You wanna look good too, right? Bring that member card to The Hub bike shop in Napa for 15% off in-stock apparel, footwear, and accessories.

And speaking of bikes, better make sure yours is in working order before they get here. Flash your VINE TRAIL membership card at the Trek Store in Napa and get 10% off on all non-e-bike parts and accessories. Imagine how impressed they’ll be if someone gets a flat and you turn into a Tour de France pit crew—wham*bam! On the road again!

Last and definitely not least, you gotta eat! All this planning, working out, stretching and shopping makes a human hungry, so fuel yourself and your guests with some vital vittles from Loveski Deli. Not only a great name, but great grub and at a 10% discount when you show your card.

Want to take advantage of all these great offers and help complete your favorite trail on the whole planet? Become a VINE TRAIL member today! And remember how many brain and nerve cells you’ll save by putting your family up in St. Helena. Now go ride your bike/run/walk to the gym, stretch lab, bike store, deli. And don’t forget your membership card.

Wine Country Inn & Cottages
Loveski Deli
StretchLab Napa
The HUB Napa
Unstoppable Fitness

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