What If Everyone Did That?


by Maureen Gaffney

Remember when you were a kid and you so very desperately wanted to pluck that flower or that really cool rock to take home for your collection and your mom said, “what if everybody did that?” Yeah, it was an early lesson about civics—how to function in a community, a real “teachable moment.” It was so annoying.

We’re all grown up now and probably say this to our kids. Our parents surely delight in the eye-roll we now receive for being ‘so annoying.’ What’s this got to do with the VINE TRAIL? Anyone who’s seen a plump, glistening chardonnay grape hanging from a vine along the trail has been tempted to pluck it. I know I have. “It’s just one…” and clearly they’ve got thousands (how many grapes does it take to make one bottle of wine? Sounds like a good upcoming topic!).

The Napa Valley VINE TRAIL’s AG RESPECT program was spurred by grape grower’s concern that the county’s growing network of commuter and recreational trails––including the Vine Trail––might bring an increase in safety or trespass incidents. The team worked cooperatively with the County to ensure that the Right-to-Farm language sensitive to Napa Valley’s particular agricultural situation became the backbone of this program.

AG RESPECT GUIDELINES provide a starting place for Napa Valley travelers––visitors and residents alike––to appreciate the needs of the farming community throughout the year and the importance of respecting boundaries and rules. This organization keeps our farms and vineyards hard at work, cultivating the land and our shared future. And while the program is housed at the VINE TRAIL, it applies to and is a resource for all—drivers on Napa Valley roads as well as cyclists, walkers, and rollers on the trail.

Respect Our Working Farms and Vineyards
Expect Agricultural Activities and Keep Clear
Stay Within Trail Boundaries (Pets Too!)
Prevent Spread of Non-Native Species
Eliminate All Trace and Trash (From Pets Too!)
Check Your Noise Levels
Take Responsibility and Report Problems

Together we can protect and preserve the very reasons we all love Napa Valley!

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