St. Helena to Calistoga Construction Updates

Stay informed about the latest construction updates on the Napa Valley Vine Trail!


Coming Soon! | Napa Valley Vine Trail | Calistoga to St. Helena

From the Calistoga Depot to Pratt Avenue in St. Helena, this picturesque 9-mile stretch of the Napa Valley Vine Trail will guide you through Napa Valley's finest vineyards and the majestic oaks of Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, steeped in rich local history. 

Construction crews have been hard at work. While some parts are ready, the full experience is still underway adding safety features, pavement treatments, and trail elements. Save the sneak peeks for spring – the trail is off-limits for its final touches. Thank the construction crews and let's show some love to the vineyards by respecting the closure this winter. 

If you're eager for more adventure, take a short ride south to Yountville. There, you'll find the 12-mile VINE TRAIL segment that connects Yountville to Napa. 

The Napa Valley Vine Trail is currently in construction on the 5.5 mile segment connecting Vallejo to American Canyon. 

Lace up your shoes or hop on your bike, and let the adventure begin!

Vine Trail Updates 

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10/31/2023: Paving Continues UpValley Nearing Ehlers Lane

Paving continues upvalley nearing Ehlers Lane. 



10/28/2023: Dunaweal to Both Paved

Most of the trail from Dunaweal to Bothe State Park has been paved, including the entrance to the park. Also paved was a portion from Big Tree Rd towards the Grist Mill. 


10/27/2023: Paving Has Almost Reached Larkmead

Paving has almost reached Larkmead.


10/25/2023: Paving has Begun

Paving on the VINE TRAIL has begun! Shown here is the trail from Sterling Vineyards to the entrance of Twomey Vineyards. AS well as sections by the Twomey bridge. 


10/13/2023: Dunaweal Bridge Close to Asphalt Ready

The eastern side to the Dunaweal bridge is getting close to being asphalt ready. The culverts on the south side of Deer Park Rd is almost ready for concrete to be poured. 


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For more information on the Napa Valley Vine Trail construction from Calistoga to St Helena, please visit: Napa Valley Transportation Authority - NVTA