City of Napa Reveals Plans for Parking-Protected Bike Lanes on Browns Valley Road/First St.


In a thrilling update for cycling enthusiasts, the City of Napa has unveiled its initial designs for parking-protected bike lanes set to grace segments of Browns Valley Road and First Street.

The Napa County Bike Coalition (NCBC) has tirelessly championed the cause of protected bike lanes, and throughout 2023, they have consistently advocated for them in discussions with City officials, elected representatives, and during various public gatherings. The emphasis on protected lanes holds paramount significance for several compelling reasons:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Recent research conducted by the Federal Highway Administration has unveiled a significant reduction in bicycle-related accidents when traditional bike lanes are upgraded to protected bike lanes, even with the implementation of basic flexible delineator posts. This remarkable transformation results in cutting a cyclist's crash risk in half.

  2. Accessibility for All: Protected bike lanes alleviate stress for riders and make cycling a more accessible and viable option for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

  3. A Response to Your Needs: Our member survey consistently highlighted the urgent need for better-protected bike lanes. Your input has been instrumental in shaping this initiative.

While the journey from design to installation may involve some patience, we are elated to announce that the wheels are finally in motion to bring protected bike lanes to fruition.



Napa County Bicycle Coalition. Newsletter. Published August 11, 2023. 

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