Honoring Napa's History: Los Braceros


Los Braceros by Joshua Ryan Murillo

In the heart of Napa Valley, where lush vineyards and scenic landscapes usually steal the spotlight, there exists a lesser-known chapter of history that deserves recognition and remembrance. The "Bracero Program" stands as a pivotal episode in our nation's past, shaping the lives of countless individuals and their descendants. We invite you to explore this fascinating piece of history through the lens of our local artist and discover how the Reframed Murals Project (RMP) is bringing it to life in our beloved Napa Valley.

Los Braceros mural, part of the RMP, encapsulates the essence of this historic endeavor. It's not just a mural; it's a canvas that tells a story of resilience, dedication, and cultural exchange. As you walk along the Napa Valley Vine Trail, take a moment to stop and admire this captivating work of art, honoring the contributions of those who labored under the Bracero Program. It serves as a visual reminder of the strength that diversity brings to our community and the importance of recognizing those who have shaped our past.

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