P - Prevent Spread of Non-Native Species

Native plants and animals are vulnerable to extinction due to habitat loss and the introduction of non-native, invasive species. Invasive weed species can grow or spread aggressively, taking over important wildlife habitat, devastating shelter, forage, reducing the diversity and quality of native habitat. These interlopers can impact our soil and cause erosion and sedimentation in streams, harming fish population and water quality.

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Help protect our resources and prevent the spread of non-native, invasive species:

  • Do not pick or transport plant materials from outside or within trail areas.
  • People and pets should stay on designated trails and avoid weed infested areas.
  • Keep pets on leash and trail to avoid the spread of disease and non-native species.
  • Clean and inspect clothing and gear before entering agricultural areas. Weeds and non-native organisms can “hitchhike” on clothing, shoe treads and laces, Velcro, and in containers.
  • Pack out all trash, including “natural” and or organic materials including apple cores, and orange seeds.