The Napa Valley Vine Trail: A Safe & Scenic Trail that Supports Travel & Tourism


Napa Valley, located in Northern California, 50 miles northeast of San Francisco, is one of the world's premier wine regions, with stunning landscapes and exceptional wines.

With more than 375 wineries open for tastings and 90 urban tasting rooms, Napa Valley is known for world-class wine, as well as beautiful countryside and near perfect weather year-round. It is also known for Michelin-star restaurants, and luxurious accommodations and spas.

A great way to see Napa Valley is by bike. The Napa Valley VINE TRAIL, when completed, will be a 47-mile walking & biking path along the Napa Valley floor from the Vallejo Ferry Terminal to the spa town of Calistoga connecting not only communities but also two regional trails (the Bay Area Ridge Trail and the San Francisco Bay Trail). The Vine Trail will pass through the world-renowned vineyards and towns of Napa Valley on the way.

As of March 2021, a 12.5-mile continuous section of the VINE TRAIL connects Kennedy Park in south Napa to Yountville in the valley’s center. Two miles of the VINE TRAIL pass through the Napa Rail Arts District (RAD), a free outdoor contemporary art museum. Showcasing murals from selected global artists, RAD Napa is a fun way to get outside and experience art. In 2022, a new 8-mile section of the Vine Trail will be open between St Helena and Calistoga. Also, in 2022, another section from Vallejo to American Canyon will be under construction. Check the VINE TRAIL’s progress at our web site at

More than 300 trees have already been planted along the VINE TRAIL that will eventually shade trail users. 18 installed Educational Signs celebrate the Valley’s history and call out special areas of interest. 51 more signs are planned along the 47-mile route. There are shelters for rest stops with bike racks and bike workstations, maps, and other information. And mileage markers, every quarter mile indicate your progress.

In addition to providing a spectacular way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Napa Valley, the VINE TRAIL offers a host of other environmental and economic benefits, including a safe, car-free way of commuting, reduced traffic congestion, and healthy lifestyle opportunities for all who use it.  

There are about 116 Wineries and 140 Hotels with over 5500 rooms within a mile of the VINE TRAIL. Since the first section of the VINE TRAIL opened in 2016, it has seen a steady growth in visitors. Many bicycle rental shops offer electric assist bicycles, inviting people of all ages, all abilities to enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley.