Napa Valley CanDo Give!Guide


A Big Thank You To Our Supporters!

First, we like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Hilary Zunin who passed away on January 14th. Hilary was the co-founder of Napa Valley CanDo and an admirable woman who inspired others to give however they could to help our community. She was a true hero and will be missed dearly.


The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition was thrilled to once again be part of the Give!Guide and this wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and funds for local nonprofits, and we are humbled by your support.

Like so many of us have done in response to the pandemic, Napa CanDo -- the force behind the Give!Guide -- drastically changed their business model in 2020, cancelling the printed catalog and reducing the length of the fundraising drive by one full month.

You rose to the challenge and made this the most successful Give!Guide season ever! Over $710,000 raised from 1,300+ donors to 57 local nonprofits. Job well done.

Your contributions to the Vine Trail Coalition were generous. We raised nearly $7,800 from a mixture of old friends and new. We are honored to have received your donations.

We send you our heartfelt thanks and wish you all a healthy and productive 2021. See you out on the VINE TRAIL!