Martin Luther King Day of Service


Volunteer Work on the VINE TRAIL

Due to COVID restrictions, our Martin Luther King Day of Service was a smaller affair this year. Unlike past years when we hosted large groups of volunteers cleaning debris and planting trees and shrubs, this year we worked with only two small groups.

Mark Lucas, Chair of the Vine Trail Maintenance Committee, coordinated with two volunteers Bill Tuikka and Frank Steele to remove over 200 tree stakes from trees that were planted in 2016. The trees are now established and the stakes were no longer helpful to tree growth. Not only did Mark and his crew remove the stakes, they also did some selective pruning to encourage the health of the trees.

John Ertel and Janice Conn from Yountville took on the task of cleaning the VINE TRAIL interpretive panels and maps. Three years of soot and ash deposited by the wildfires were affecting the signs. It was particularly evident after the signs were cleaned. Jan and John rode the trail with squeegees, scrubbing brushes and rags and did a fantastic job. The colors of the artwork and photographs on the signs are once again vibrant. 

Thank you to our volunteers!