VINE TRAIL Calistoga Section

One of the VINE TRAIL construction challenges as it nears downtown Calistoga is the existing Preschool building which currently straddles the right of way.

In 2001, the City of Calistoga had entered into a five-year agreement with the Napa County Office of Education (NCOE) for the existing Preschool to be  located on City right of way, which is slated to become the future extension of Fairway Drive extension. The lease was extended by the City but was due to expire in 2017. It has been extended on a year to year basis since that time.

Following the award of the Active Transportation Grant to construct the Vine Trail in 2015 between St Helena and Calistoga,  VINE TRAIL staff and Board members started working with the City and NCOE to find an alternative site for the existing Preschool’s portable building. Initially relocation of the existing portable building was considered, but because of their age, this was determined not to be cost effective. Several alternative sites were suggested and eventually the City property adjacent to the new Boys and Girls Club was selected.

The project was a collaboration led by Napa County Superintendent of Education Barbara Nemko with support from Calistoga Mayor Chris Canning, VINE TRAIL Board President Chuck McMinn and other community leaders. The new Preschool will have twice the capacity of the existing Preschool and will be open by the Fall of 2021.

The construction of the new Preschool is made possible by a generous gift of $1 million by Dario Sattui, owner of the Castello di Amorosa winery and many other community leaders. 
The photograph shows the socially distanced groundbreaking on July 1. 

Participating in the groundbreaking for the new preschool in Calistoga on July 1 were, from left: Chuck McMinn, founder of Napa Valley Vine Trail; Terence Mulligan, Napa Valley Community Foundation; Rick Jones; Dario Sattui; Chris Canning, mayor, City of Calistoga; Allen Rossi, Barbara Nemko and Steve Orndorf, from the Napa County Office of Education and Erin Smith-Hagberg, superintendent, Calistoga School District. Foto: Weekly Calistogan