Closing the Gap Yountville to St Helena
Philip Sales, Executive Director.

With the likelihood that both the Vallejo to American Canyon section and St Helena to Calistoga section will be under construction in 2021, Vine Trail staff are working on preparing the groundwork for the County of Napa to apply for the next round of Active Transportation Program funds for the Yountville to St Helena section. This next round of the ATP grants will cover up to 2025 and this is the last time that the County can apply for these funds for five years.

The grant application would be for $10 million. If successful, matching funds would be earmarked from the Vine Trail Coalition and County Measure T Equivalency Funds. The construction year would be 2025/26.

We have been working with our colleagues at the Napa Valley Wine Train about the use of their right of way between Madison Street in Yountville up to Whitehall Lane. The Wine Train has expressed a willingness to grant the County a conservation easement with a trail on their property. The Wine Train right of way in several places is not wide enough to accommodate both the railroad and the trail, so we have been contacting property owners along the route. Most of them have been favorable and some have signed Letters of intent to support our efforts. Over 62% of the project fromMadison Street to Whitehall Lane can be built on Wine Train right of way and a further 15% on Caltrans right of way.

We have completed a Draft detailed feasibility study of the alignment up to Sulphur Springs Road in St Helena with Trailpeople, and have been in contact with many property owners north of Whitehall Lane.

The grant application is due on September 15. We will be taking a request to the Board of Supervisors for authorization to apply for the grant in August. If you are a Vine Trail supporter who wants to “Close the Gap,” please contact your County supervisor and let them know that you are in support of this effort.