Progress on the Vallejo to American Canyon section
Philip Sales, Executive Director.

The Solano Transportation Authority (STA), our Solano County public agency partner for the joint Bay Trail/Vine Trail project, was able to secure a decision by the California Transportation Commission to use only state funds under the Active Transportation grant program. This is a huge savings for both time and cost.

The project in Solano County and Vallejo was determined by the City of Vallejo as categorically exempt under California’s environmental laws because it is all within existing public rights of way. If federal and state funds were used, the Federal environmental laws would have required additional exhaustive studies to have reached the same conclusion. This probably saved up to 15% of the planning and environmental costs for the project and accelerated the schedule. It is now possible that this project may be build next summer instead of 2022. 

Thanks to Anthony Adams at STA, our consultants Parisi Transportation, our partners at the San Francisco Bay Trail project (Maureen Gaffney and Laura Thompson), and the City of Vallejo staff (Sam Kumar and Melissa Tigbao).