Meet Catherine Heywood, Vine Trail Board Member


Name: Catherine Heywood

Occupation: Tourism Promotion

Title: VP, Community & Industry Relations

Vine Trail Sport of Choice: Walking, with a little biking and running thrown in.

1.    How long have you been on the Vine Trail Board?  For two years, since October 2016

 2.   Why did you decided to join? I would attend board meetings as an alternate for Visit Napa Valley and I found it really easy to engage, as I’m a huge fan of the project. When the VNV seat opened up, I offered to take it.

 3.   Most memorable Vine Trail moment for you so far? Running my first 10k was on the Vine Trail.

  4.  If you had (or will have) a Vine Trail Footprint, what would yours say? We have a family footprint in Yountville. One day I hope to dedicate one to a grandchild!

 5.   If you were to become a professional athlete, what sport of choice would it be? While I always wished I was better at basketball (with my height),  but I’d likely choose waterskiing. Sorry – completely unrelated to the Vine Trail!

I honestly love being out on the Trail conducting the user surveys. Some might think it’s boring, but I take the time to ask people what they think of it and they share their enthusiasm for the Trail and how much they appreciate it. It’s very reaffirming of our mission to get it built.