Meet Lee Miller, Vine Trail Board Member


  1. How long have you been on the Vine Trail Board? 3 years
  1. How come you decided to join? (And, what organization do you represent?) From the time I learned of the Vine Trail in 2012, a few months after moving to Napa, I requested to be involved. It took a while but in 2015, I was able to join the board representing the Real Estate industry, first as an alternate, now as the primary.
  1. Most memorable Vine Trail moment for you so far? It might seem a bit strange but for me it was the tree planting. I was struck by the permanance of the Trail itself and the duration of the trees to the landscape. Both will remain for more than 100 years after all of us board members are long gone.
  1. What’s your Vine Trail “tip” to those who may have not been on the Vine Trail? You will enjoy a completely different perspective of Napa if you walk or ride the portion of the Trail south of Imola Ave.
  1. How would you like to see the community engage in the Vine Trail? Have the Trail be more than a passive amenity that is there. I would like the community to ‘actively’ embrace it. Have regular and recurring quarterly events on the Trail at varying locations that increase as the Trail is constructed.

Lee Miller 2