Trail Section Closed Nov. 30


An approximately 3/4-mile section of the Vine Trail between the two bridges south of Hoffman Lane to the Yountville Town limits is scheduled for repair on Thursday, November 30. Weather permitting, 1100 linear feet of cracks on the Vine Trail will be filled and sealed.

When the trail was built in this section, it was discovered that a main water line supplying the City of Napa was much closer to the surface than old plans showed. Ghilotti Bros was directed not to use heavy compaction equipment in that area because of concerns for potential damage to the water line. As a result, the baserock under the pavement has settled causing the cracks to open up. Crack sealing will not solve the longterm problem, but will stop further water infiltration--which could lead to further crack widening--while we work with the agencies involved on a longer-term solution.

With the fires and County work crews tied up on urgent and emergency activities, the Vine Trail Coalition has arranged for these repairs to ensure the trail remains open and safe. We are coordinating with County Public Works.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience to trail users. If there are any changes to these plans, we will post them here and on our facebook page.