Sensors tally cyclists, walkers and runners on Napa Valley Vine Trail


A great article by Barry Eberling in today's Napa Valley Register.

Trinity Talbott, left, a program coordinator with the Napa County Office of Education, leads a group of Shearer Elementary School students along the Napa Valley Vine Trail last January. A user survey says the trail between Third Street and Imola Avenue is attracting an average of nearly 500 walkers, runners and cyclists daily. Photo by J.L. Sousa


The Napa Valley Vine Trail on a typical sunny Saturday or Sunday looks like a hit, with plenty of walkers, runners and cyclists to be seen.

But that’s just anecdotal evidence. The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is using electronic sensors at three locations in and near the city of Napa to count users.

The verdict suggested by the cold, hard numbers: the Vine Trail is, indeed, a hit.

Those sensors tallied more than 71,000 users at the three locations from May 23 to July 22. Two counting locations are at the two ends of the Napa-to-Yountville segment and the other is just north of Imola Avenue.

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