A Superb Collection of Wines


by Maureen Gaffney

Begun in 2008, the Napa Valley Vine Trail is a dedicated walking and cycling trail that will run the length of the valley. Its 47-miles will pass more than 80 wineries and vineyards as it winds north from the Vallejo Ferry Terminal, through American Canyon, the Rail Arts District in Napa, and northward along the vineyards of Oak Knoll, Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford, Saint Helena and Calistoga. 20.5 miles are complete and in use today by residents out for a run, walk or ride, by tourists seeing the valley in a far more personal—and environmentally friendly way—at ground or “terroir” level. 

Building a 47-mile trail connecting 2 counties, 5 cities, 1 town and 2 regional trails is “resource intensive” (i.e., expensive). Local, state and federal entities have recognized the inherent value of the Vine Trail as a safe, environmentally responsible, class 1, walking and biking trail.  As a result, the coalition has secured 11 grants totaling $18 million dollars; (75% of the effort to date), while 8.4 million dollars in donations from private businesses and individuals make up 25% of the community’s effort. These private dollars leverage at a 3:1 ratio. Momentum builds momentum. 

Ten wineries along the Vine Trail route have recognized the value of this amazing community asset and have partnered to create the first cross-winery collection in Napa Valley history. Alpha Omega, Crocker & Starr, Gemstone, Rocca, Newton, Silver Oak, Spottswoode, Tamber Bey, Vineyard 29, and Whitehall Lane are creating three barrels of custom cabernet sauvignon, each rare and unique. Over a four-year period, the ten-bottle Vine Trail Vintner Collection will assemble. When placed next to each another in its very own custom wooden rack, the 10-section map of the Vine Trail from Calistoga to Vallejo is revealed.

Only 800 Vine Trail Vintner Collections will be released. Donations to the Napa Valley Vine Trail support our mission to construct the remaining 10 miles while adding a rare wine collection to your cellar. The collections will raise over $3 million dollars to complete the Vine Trail through the Oakville and Rutherford corridor. Already hugely popular on its open sections, the completed Vine Trail will give you the chance to walk, run, bike and most of all, experience the entire length of the Valley Napa at a slower pace, at terroir level. 

The first two bottles of the Collection were released in 2020, five more were added at the end of 2021, and the last 3 bottles will be released by 2024. 

2020: 2018 Vineyard 29, 2018 Alpha Omega

2021: 2019 Newton Vineyard, 2019 Crocker & Starr, 2019 Spottswoode, 2019 Tamber Bey, 2019 Whitehall Lane

2023: 2021 Gemstone

2024: 2022 Rocca, 2022 Silver Oak

The $5,000 10-bottle Vine Trail Vintner Collection can be acquired for a single up-front payment of $4,500. For tax purposes, $3,500 qualifies as a charitable contribution to the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition. All funds raised will go directly to building the Vine Trail.

Join us in this rare opportunity to assemble a superb collection of wines while helping propel the Napa Valley Vine Trail over the finish line.