Meet Our New Board Members


Torence Powell, 42, is the news superintendent and president of Napa Valley College.  He will be joining the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition Board of Directors to focus on connecting to the greater Napa Community and how the Vine Trail provides services to NVC students. 


Excerpt from Napa Valley Register September 2, 2022  By Edward Booth

Powell first felt a sense of educational belonging while attending a south Sacramento community college. The experience inspired him to later take on several jobs overseeing areas of that same college. Now, as the new superintendent and president of Napa Valley College, Powell is hoping to bring the same sense of empowerment he felt roughly two decades ago to the students of NVC.

“What I’ve really attempted to do my entire career is just focus the work that I do on creating opportunities for people who historically haven’t had opportunity in the same way, that others have,” Powell said. “That’s really it: focusing on improving opportunity and improving the lives of communities of color, of working class communities, communities with immigrant populations, folks who have historically been marginalized to some degree but who also have tremendous commitment and love for this country, and passion for really making improvements in the lives of for them and their children.”

Powell added that he’s especially interested in connecting with the greater Napa community and understanding the workforce needs. He said he wants the school to be active in understanding those needs and responding to them through its programming.

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