Partner Spotlight: Oakville Grocery


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Oakville Grocery & Wine Merchant has been supplying local food and wine from local people since 1881. They are the oldest continually operating grocery store in California, and a destination for locals and visitors alike.

In 2018, and Jean-Charles Boisset bought the Oakville Grocery and the Durrant & Booth house. It is this appreciation for the authentic, the historical, and the relevant that prompted JCB to take over what Leslie Rudd had begun, but he is guiding it in a new direction. In Boisset’s version of the Oakville Grocery, unveiled in 2019, what guests find is food that is locally grown, carefully curated, artistically displayed and free of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Food is not selected for its exotic qualities, as it was in the 1970s Oakville Grocery, or for its convenience, like in the 1950s, but for its purity, quality, sustainability, and locale.

Quality local ingredients are at the heart of what they do. Oakville Grocery prides itself in featuring products from Wine Country and Northern California-area small-scale artisans, to give their customers the opportunity to taste the essence of the area we live in.

Hearty sandwiches, house made salads, creamy dips, and perfect provisions for your afternoon in Wine Country. Stop by to pick up a warm breakfast, wood-fired pizza or artisan sandwich for lunch.

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