Rails To Trail Conservancy Project


Contributed by Maureen Gaffney

For the past several years, the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition has been working with the Rails to Trails Conservancy on an innovative project to involve myriad cities, towns, counties, park districts, and fellow trail advocacy organizations in an effort called The Bay Area Trails Collaborative. The group of more than 50 member organizations, businesses and agencies—including the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition—recently unveiled their new map of the 2,590-mile trail network that is developing in the greater Bay Area. This massive network is weaving together existing and expected trails to better connect the Bay Area via bike and pedestrian facilities. The Collaborative’s work will also support the region’s health, economy and environment.

Health: Did you know that just 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day is enough to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression ?

Economy: Did you know that when trails nationwide connect to more destinations, businesses, jobs and communities, they can contribute more than $138 BILLION annually to the US economy?

Environment: Did you know that the transportation sector is the #1 contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of Climate Change? Yeah! It’s not just burping cows!

With over 1,408 miles in place today, 60% of the network is already complete with more than 1 million residents living within 0.5 miles of the existing trail network. Where’s the closest trail to YOU? Is it part of the Bay Area Regional Trail Network? Explore the new map and learn more about the Bay Area Trails Collaborative’s vision for the trail network:

Now stop looking at your screen and get out there!