Opportunities for funding the VINE TRAIL


The passage of the long-awaited federal infrastructure bill and the “Build Back Better” legislation will provide great opportunities for all transportation projects. These combined are the largest infrastructure and public investment legislation in modern history. They promise to provide a springboard for many green infrastructure projects which will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Although the VINE TRAIL was not mentioned specifically in the legislation, there are a number of programs that will provide funding that the VINE TRAIL can compete for. Possibilities include a larger amount of federal funding for California’s popular Active Transportation Program administered by the California Transportation Commission as well as other green infrastructure grants to other State agencies which the VINE TRAIL is well-suited to apply for.

However, in order to access these funds and have a competitive project “shovel ready”, we need the ongoing support from our members to raise not only the “matching funds” required under most grant programs but also to finance the plans and studies necessary. We thank you for your past support as you will be important partners in this effort.